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ABP (Anatomy, Biomechanics & Posture) 

This course reviews the structures (bones, muscles, joints, etc.) that form the support of the human body. An emphasis will be placed on the "ideal" posture and "ideal" biomechanics of each joint while helping students learn how to detect abnormalities both statically and dynamically. Open to all personal trainers, this course is invaluable in helping you provide lasting results for your clients and increase your marketability.

*This is a compulsory course for anyone who wants to become a certified Pilates instructor. Speak to our team about likely course waivers in case your undergraduate degree is in Physiotherapy

APM - Foundations & Intermediate

What makes great buildings? Great foundations! The 2 courses, offered usually over successive weekends, teach the essentials of Pilates Mat repertoire and how to modify exercises for all age groups and fitness levels.  Emphasis is placed on maintaining variety and providing small challenges while safely progressing a client to avoid monotony. Students who complete these two programs leave  confident and capable of creating safe and effective workouts for today’s diverse clients. 

APR- Foundations and Intermediate

These two courses, usually offered over two successive weekends, teach students the Reformer exercises needed to be ready to customize workouts for all ages and fitness levels. Covering the essentials of this wonder machine, All Populations Reformer also teaches the "physics" of the reformer so that students understand both the way the reformer operates and the safety concerns. Emphasis is placed on the differences between Pilates machine work versus regular gym equipment so that instructors are prepared to meet the needs of clients from all backgrounds.

APM & APR- Advanced 


Keen to take your Instructor skills to another level? Then explore our Advanced courses. These are usually scheduled only for students who have completed our Foundations & Intermediate courses and offered bespoke. Write to us on if you feel you are ready for this level.

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