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So what is Pilates & how can it help me?


"Pilates is a system of mind and body exercise that strengthens & tones muscles, helps with inch loss, improves posture, flexibility and balance, reduces stress, improves your overall mind -body connection" 


Pilates and weight loss


Pilates when supplemented with the right dose of cardio helps you shed the stubborn inches and  kgs around your middle. In each intermediate to advance level session at RedMat Pilates , you would end up burning close to 500 calories. Streamlining your body shape and improved ability to take on more strenous routines like jogging , running, sports is the big reason why Pilates is preferred by women looking to loose inches. 










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Pilates is amazing for your posture


Pilates is a great way to fast-track your body to better posture. With a focus on balanced muscle development, proper alignment is an integral part of each exercise in the Pilates method.  Every Pilates workout addresses poor postural habits, tight muscles get stretched and weak muscles are strengthened.


In your workout, you’ll work to re-establish more efficient postural patterns until an improved postural habit is developed - and then you’ll work even harder to maintain these patterns as you progress into more challenging exercises!


Pilates gives you great arms


Want arm's like Deepika Padukone's ? The great news with Pilates is that even novice practitioners see results in their arms fairly quickly. Many people unfamiliar with Pilates think that the method is just about abdominal work, but that really isn’t the case.  It is often described as  the method  having a strong center that radiates outwards. Taking into consideration that our arms are stabilized by our (upper) core, having a strong center helps us to have stable shoulders and with strong shoulder stabilizers, a person can simply take on more weight because they are using their whole body, not just their little arms hanging off the sides of their bodies to shift the load!.



Pilates is great for your butt !


The bonus with a whole-body Pilates workout is that every single exercise involves your backside (glutes).  In Pilates, we don’t separate the body exercises into parts.  Every single movement in the Pilates repertoire involves your abs, your glutes, your arms, stretches you and strengthens you.  By working with our experienced Pilates instructors, you’ll quickly start to learn how to do the exercises correctly so that you can experience that backside burn.


Everyone can benefit from bringing Pilates into their weekly fitness routine


Pilates helps you get & feel fitter overall and is considered to be a great standalone fitness routine as well as a critical supplement to any other exercises that you might be doing otherwise. For eg. Cross training with Pilates helps you identify weaknesses and imbalances to minimize risk of injury due to added load on dysfunctional patterns. Think of Pilates as an education in "how you move". If you take this knowledge and apply it to your other workouts, you’ll notice that you move better, and subsequently achieve better results.   



Pilates reduces stress 


Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  You will leave RedMat studios Pilates class feeling energized, rather than exhausted . With an emphasis on precision of movement that includes breath, rhythm and flow you’ll have no choice but to leave your cares at the door and focus on your class. Our weekend classes are especially popular, as that little bit of me-time during the week  goes a long way to increasing productivity and success to help carry you through the rest of the week



And finally, How often should you be do Pilates?


Joseph Pilates is quoted as saying, “In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.”  The more often you do Pilates, the more quickly and more obvious you will experience the results.  We tell a lot of our clients to start off with twice /thrice per week and evaluate how you feel after.  Real change happens through repetition. Ideal would  be to do atleast 3 times a week.




Still have unanswered questions ? That's absolutely understandable especially since the decision is about something as critical as your own body. We would be happy to chat and help you arrive at your ideal plan. Call us at convenience or ping us on facebook or whatsapp to take this foward.








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