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9th-11th Sep 2022

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Looking to start a career in fitness and pilates? Leave us your detail in the box here and our team will reach you with information about our next program which is from 9th-11th Sep 22 in Gurugram.


This intensive 15 Hours Mat Pilates Fundamentals program with individual focussed training will be taught by our founder & chief instructor Taru Chaddha. It's loaded with our signature Pilates education method- technically sound, thorough & unparalleled in it's quality. It’s a reputation that we are proud of & a philosophy you can build a career on!

So get ready to join us as you pursue a rewarding career & the ability to get out there & transform lives!

Who should take these courses?

The course is suited for people with background in Pilates, Yoga, fitness training, physiotherapy, anatomy or anyone aiming for a long term career in Pilates/ Fitness / Women's Fitness or just keen to deeper their practice. 

How do I register?

For either of the two course, you can simply register by sending a message to  or a whatsapp message to 8920361216 . Or just leave your details in the contact me box  of this page and wait to hear back from us! 

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