Terms & Conditions for Studio Usage

  1. Booking Your Session- The studio has an online booking platform. Studio Customer Service would share the access link once you are onboarded on a membership plan.


  •  Online Sessions- The studio allows free cancellation uptil the start of session. This can be done online using the link in the booking email. 

  •  In Studio Sessions- The free cancellation can be done until 9 PM of the day prior to your session for Group sessions. This can be done online.

Late Cancellations

  • If you do not cancel online in time as specificed above, it is called a Late Cancellation and charges may apply. If your reserved session is "Fully Booked" at the time of your request, you will be charged for the session.In other cases, the studio does not levy any cancellation charges. For late cancellations, you have to send a Direct Message on Whatsapp to Studio Customer Service (8920361216).

  • If we do not receive your late cancellation request, that would be treated as a No Show and full session charges will apply regardless of whether or not the session is fully booked.

  • For late cancellations made by Quarterly Unlimited Plan members, 1 day would be reduced from the pass validity for every late cancellation by the client in a fully booked session/ no show.

  • Private & Semi Private Sessions- For these sessions, you need to cancel directly with your trainer a minimum 12 Hrs prior else full session charges apply. In case only 1 member shows up for a Semi Private session, Private session charges would apply 

  • No Shows always result in a penalty which is as per above policy.

Other T&Cs

  1. All plans, except the ones which are for a Quarter, have a 4 Week Validity (28 Days) . Quarter Plans have a 13 week validity (91 Days).The 4 Week/ 13 Week period is counted from date of first session done on the pass.

  2. If unused the pass expires automatically in 6 weeks ( for 4 week pass ) and in 15 weeks ( for Quarter pass).

  3. Passes are valid only for the Studio location for which the member has enrolled. Studios are Nirvana , Golf Course & Xpress Online. 

  4. Unlimited Access plans allows access to all Mat Pilates & Barre sessions offered at that studio. The plan does not offer access to other sessions such as Reformer Pilates or Privates or sessions in any other studio.

  5. In very exceptional cases like medical emergencies, the studio has a “freeze class plan ” in which validity of a part of your plan can be extended. Please contact studio admin for details of this plan.

  6. Members are free to join any Group Mat Pilates & Barre sessions in their respective studios.  

  7. If a session does not have atleast 2 reservations, the session can get cancelled and a message would be put out on the members whatsapp group. Please do check the group for such flashes as the studio might not be able to individually inform you in time about these cancellations.

  8. In some rare cases, we do have to cancel our regular sessions due to unforeseen reasons. Generally, there are no make up sessions for sessions that get cancelled.

  9. The Studio closes for Public Holidays & a few other days during the year. Details of the same are made available in advance. 

  10. We don’t offer free trials. Our Discovery Session option is a paid option & details of the same can be taken from the studio. Payments made for Discovery Session are valid for 15 days from date of payment. You can do your session anytime in this 15 day period. However for Reformer & Private Discovery Sessions, the cancellation policy (please refer Point 8 above) will apply.

  11. You should have a valid pass to attend sessions at the studio. In case of an expired pass or pass without sessions left, you could be restrained from joining the session.

  12. Xpress Live group sessions may be recorded for studio's internal instructor quality and training puposes. 

  13. The studio periodically uses pictures and videos from its sessions and pre and post sessions on social media handles and other platforms. If you wish to opt out of this, please explicitly inform the studio through an email to care@redmatpilates.com and the studio will do it's best to keep you out of it's digital content. If inadvertently such content does get published after your opt out, the studio will ensure such content is pulled down where possible but holds no further liability. 

  14. RedMat Studios are lean studios with restricted "drop in" hours. We discourage clients to walk in in the middle of sessions as it interrupts the flow for participants ! In case you are keen on a visit, do reach Customer Service on 8920361216 and we would be happy to arrange one for you in a specific time slot.

  15. All plan prices quoted are usually inclusive of taxes (18% GST) unless specifically mentioned that taxes are extra.

  16. Redmat sessions are restricted to 18+ women. Rights of admission and membership to the studio are reserved and purely at the discretion of RedMat Fitness Pvt Ltd. The company reserves the right to deny membership to a customer if it sees a conflict of interest to its business & can do so without assigning a reason. This decision can be enforced anytime before or during membership period & in such a  situation the customer would be refunded her pro rata unused membership amount (Calculated basis sessions / days depending on the pass purchased)